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Purify Fuel at the 2019 USEA Annual Public Policy Forum

John Carroll gives a speech at the USEA Annual Public Policy Forum.
Purify Fuel met with important USEA members at the historic Ronald Reagan Building in Washington D.C.

Purify Fuel CEO John Carroll joined industry and government leaders at the USEA Annual Membership Meeting & Public Policy Forum to highlight industry achievements and developments in energy policy. John was honored to be a guest speaker and share the impact of Purify Fuel's NanO2欧美Av日韩aV动漫A 国产a V combustion catalyst. The event was attended by over 150 energy stakeholders, journalists, diplomats, and government agency officials. Other prominent speakers included West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, and Department of Energy Undersecretary Mark W. Menezes.

欧美Av日韩aV动漫A 国产a VMr. Carroll’s presentation addressed the urgency of reducing emissions by making diesel use cleaner and more efficient—today. “Diesel powers trade, transportation and the global economy. Demand will remain strong beyond 2040. If we want cleaner air today, we must reduce emissions from the diesel we use today,” he said.

He shared a case study of an oil exploration company that reduced carbon monoxide emissions by 57%. Using a custom formulation of NanO2欧美Av日韩aV动漫A 国产a V, particulate matter and NOx emissions were also reduced by more than 50%. And fuel efficiency actually increased by up to 8.2%—without engine modification.

“Our solution improves diesel at the molecular level. The fuel releases more energy when it burns. Fewer harmful molecules are created during combustion. Engines last longer because they're cleaner. Local air quality improves immediately, and it makes fossil fuels cleaner at a global scale. It's a real winner," said Mr. Carroll.

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