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CEO John Carroll Catches Up with Capt. Mike Conquest at the Monaco Yacht Show 2019

John Carroll and Captain Mike stand in front of a trophy cabinet at the Monaco Yacht Club.
Purify Fuel CEO John Carroll with Capt. Mike Conquest at the Monaco Yacht Club, Port Hercules on Friday, September 27, 2019.

欧美Av日韩aV动漫A 国产a VOn the occasion of the , Purify Fuel CEO John Carroll met with Captain Mike Conquest of the Golden Eagle, a 45 meter private yacht that has been using our to save fuel over the last five years.

After initial testing in 2015, Captain Mike has been able to confirm empirically measured savings of 11% to 14% in fuel consumption by volume on five different trips over the last four years. He also noticed his engine is burning cleaner, virtually eliminated soot buildup from the halls of the ship.

“Captain Mike has been a loyal customer of Purify Fuel for 5 years. We share a commitment to Conservationism: we love nature, especially Mother Ocean, and encourage the sustainable use of our natural resources. We are grateful to count Captain Mike as one of our earliest adopters and a great friend, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings.” — John Carroll

This additional data supports the results originally reported by , which Purify Fuel cites in a Newsroom article欧美Av日韩aV动漫A 国产a V from earlier this year.

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